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56   8 months ago
Casey and her love interest Nick Ross play a game of badminton, but spunky Casey has a different kind of game in mind. She pulls Nick in and then gives him a reason to put the bat down. Nick helps Casey jump onto the kitchen counter and covers her in kisses from her lips down her neck to her perky little tits. As Nick slowly reveals Casey's incredible body, she's all smiles and a warm welcome. When she's naked, her pussy is nice and wet for Nick's touch. Nick spreads Casey's pussy juices all over with his magic tongue, leaving her poised and ready to explode with passion. Nick lifts his slim lover off the counter and gets Casey on her feet so she can help him get as naked as she is. Casey can take a hint! She quickly pulls down Nick's shorts and gets on her knees so she can start sucking. She's insatiable for cock, deep throating Nick's cock and even sucking his balls. He sits back and enjoys the ride while he can, but there's so much more he wants to do with his playful lover. Nick helps Casey to her feet and bends her over the counter. He slides into her from behind and only gives her the tip at first while they enjoy the position. Each thrust takes him deeper until he's balls deep in Casey's greedy cunt. Nick takes a seat at the table and pulls Casey down onto him. She impales herself on his cock and fills to the brim. Bouncing up and down, Casey gradually brings her feet up, to anchor on Nick's hard thighs for an even hotter ride. Casey likes the chair so much that she wants to sit in it herself. She spreads her thighs as Nick enters her again, holding him tight in her cream filled pussy. Casey pulls Nick's thumb closer and sucks it into her mouth in time for his thrusts. This last little seduction is too hot for Nick to take. He pulls out and lets Casey aim his man meat at her chest so he can blow his load all over her ample breasts.

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