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Tina Kay enjoys the spectacular view from the balcony as Max Dior joins her outside. After a last look into the forest, Tina turns around and gives Max her full attention, just as he wants it. Soon the pair are exchanging deep kisses as they walk inside. Tina pulls her dress down the front and invites Max to feel her large boobs while she works on his pants and underwear. Once she can get her hands on his erection, she takes a moment to prepare him before immersing her mouth in the fun. It doesn't take long before she's sucking Max's cock in an insatiable BJ that's deep and full of desire. Wasting no time in continuing to take what she wants, Tina strips off the rest of her clothes and then climbs aboard Max's stand. He's rock hard and ready for her as she starts moving her hips, much to her delight. It's not long before she's riding her personal steed at a breakneck pace that's shaking her huge knockers. Tina gets on her hands and knees, moaning in total surrender as Max comes up behind her and teases for a moment before shoving balls deep into her tight pussy. Her ecstatic moans are music to Max's ears as he moves his hips for Tina's pleasure. Max's only goal is to push Tina over the edge until he finally grants his wishes. Unable to contain her delight, Tina rolls onto her back and lifts one leg up in the air so Max can achieve a different angle of penetration that takes him deeper than ever. Shortly after gaining her own release, Max retires. Tina reaches forward to get him down and lets him cover her in creamy pleasure.

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