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Lexi Lore and her stepbrother, Bambino, just don't get along, no matter how hard they try. This morning they argue over breakfast while their mother, Claudia Monet, prepares her own meal in the kitchen just behind them. Bambino tells Lexi that he will pull her top off if she doesn't share the milk and cereal, but Lexi shoots back to do his best. When Lexi fails to keep his promise, Bambino tries to outdo her by saying he will finger her to get his way. Lexi responds by spreading her legs to prove she's already wet and ready for her stepbrother's touch. Bambino pulls out his cock and challenges his stepsister to make her mouth do something useful. Lexi can't wait to get on her knees and start sucking. You have to keep it quiet while Claudia continues in the kitchen, not knowing what the kids are doing. Now that Lexi knows what a big hard cock Bambino has, she wants it inside her. She sits back down on the stool and covers her mouth to stifle moans as Bambino slides deep inside. Bambino helps by covering her mouth while he slaps her cunt hard enough to make her breasts tremble. On her feet, her panties pushed aside, Lexi continues to remain as still as she can while her stepbrother bangs her doggy style. Her climax is hard and fast, and it milks Bambino's cum right out of his cock. The surprise creampie encourages Lexi to ask Bambino why he came into her, and Claudia hears it! She storms out of the kitchen and leads Bambino out of the room by his ear.

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