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Jenny Wild is quite professional. Dressed to impress, she brings Angelo Godshack over to sign some papers. When he arrives, Jenny can't believe her eyes. He's just so hot that she finds she can't keep her hands on her. She invents an excuse to get closer to him and from there, repress an accidental touch. When Angelo doesn't push her away, Jenny goes one step further. Hands on Angelo's chest, Jenny pushes him back into the chair. Then she climbs onto his lap and locks her lips with him. Her hips sway gently against Angelo's hard-on, preparing them both for the pleasure to come. Jenny climbs off Angelo's lap and gets on her knees. She wraps a hand around his cock to keep him still and then leans forward with his mouth wide open. This hot number delivers an enthusiastic BJ. From licking and sucking balls to deep throating, Jenny proves she's magic with her mouth while Angelo gradually gets up to fuck Jenny's face from a better angle. In exchange for Jenny's diligent oral attention, Angelo supplies some of his own. He sits on the chair and pulls Jenny onto him so he can slide his tongue down her slippery slit. While Jenny rocks her hips and meows with delight, Angelo continues for her amusement. He lets Jenny down and opens her shirt so he can cup her breasts through her bra. At the same time, Jenny adjusts her hips to slide down Angelo's fuck stick. Riding that big cock is the perfect appetizer for Jenny, but now that she's had a taste of the D, this horny hottie wants it all. She curls into a ball as Angelo rides upstairs into her tight warmth. She then sits back and rubs her tits and hard nipples while Angelo rubs her clit as he passes it to her. Eventually, Jenny gets on her hands and knees so Angelo can kneel behind her and give it to her in doggy style. The table they just signed their papers at is the perfect height to encourage their copulation. Going hard and deep, Angelo milks more moans from Jenny's willing lips. They shift to the couch, with Jenny on her side and Angelo spooning behind her. With one hand Angelo lifts Jenny's thigh in the air, to give him enough freedom of movement. He accepts this lewd offer and ends up getting on his knees between Jenny's thighs for a better finishing angle. When Jenny is finally fed up, Angelo pulls away and lets her fondle him until he rages all over her face to seal their deal.

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