Best erotica from Kacie Castle. The night before Xxxmas


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It's a family Christmas as the Crimson Morning Star joins her children and niece around the Christmas tree. She tells Seth Gamble and Kacie Castle and her cousin Vina Sky that they can each open a gift. They open every ugly sweater from their grandmother. Seth is excited but the girls aren't. Crimson tells the girls to be thankful and try on their sweaters. They obey, returning to the room wearing the sweaters but nothing else, not even a panty, which Seth discovers as the girls kneel in front of the tree right in front of him. Seth tries to spank his stepsister and cousin but they quickly find out he has a boner and pull him out to suck him off even though his mom is right in the room on the couch. Vine is the first tries Seth's Stiffie, but Kacie is soon persuaded to give him a try. This only encourages Vina to take it one step further and ride her cousin's cock so it can be a very Merry Christmas in her tight pussy. Kacie first tries to help Vina stifle the moans, but when she realizes that her nice Seth is hard, she decides to get on her knees to let him pound her doggy style. The girls are content to share Seth's cock while stroking each other's pussies with their talented fingers. Once Kacie climbs on Seth's fuck stick to give him a hard-on, he can't resist cumming inside her. They must have made some noise 'cause Crimson catches Kacie how she climbs off Seth, and cancels Christmas because they were so naughty.

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