Home movie by Gina Gerson. What Happened on Halloween


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BFFs Tiffany Tatum and Gina Gerson dress up for their Halloween party. Tiffany's stepbrother Nikki Nutz tries to break in on them but the girls kick him out. They take their time putting on their costumes, with Tiffany dressing up as a Greek goddess and Gina dressing up in a burlesque outfit. The girls have just snapped some photos and are getting ready to enjoy the more sensual aspect of their friendship. Nikki returns with a spooky mask. He can't believe his eyes on his hot stepsister and her friend, so he decides to record the show. When the girls notice Nikki's naughtiness, Tiffany pushes him against the wall to tell him to stop. That's when she notices Nikki's boner! Tiffany is actually quite into her stepbrother's boner, but Gina is even hornier for it. She's already feeling awake when Tiffany rolls over with Nikki's cock in her hand. The two girls kneel in front of Nikki and share their treat in a double blowjob. That sets the stage for the torrid threesome that's inevitable at this point. The trio head to the bed, where Gina bends over so Tiffany can lick the wet evidence of her desire. Nicely wetted by her friend's tongue, Gina climbs onto Nikki's cock while Nikki lies on the bed and watches his sister's hot friend start her ride. Once Gina gets off, Tiffany gets a chance to enjoy her stepbrother as well. She starts off with a reverse cowgirl ride with Gina's help to ensure that everything feels great. Gina gets on her hands and knees and buries her face in Tiffany. s muff to eat her friend while Nikki bangs in her from behind. When Gina has had enough, Tiffany slides forward and spreads her thighs for Nikki to give her. With a little help from Gina, Nikki ends up giving his stepsister a creampie that slowly drips out of her satisfied twat.

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