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Patrick Delphia and his adoptive sister can't stop fooling around. Patrick is busy banging his sister's blonde babe from behind. As they turn around, they barely have time to get their clothes in order before their stepmom, India Summer, walks in. India sends Kenzie away and Patrick defends himself by saying that Kenzie let him see her breasts, which he has never done before. He asks India if he can see her breasts and she feels sorry for him. Finally she takes off her panties and lets him see her fuck hole on the runway. When he asks to fuck her, she agrees until he cums in her cunt with a big creampie. Later, while chatting with Kenzie, India learns that Patrick played her. She takes Kenzie back to Patrick's room and makes her suck her brother's cock. Now that she's established that she's in charge, India strips naked and feasts on Kenzie's pussy. She has Kenzie show her how to ride Patrick's fuck stick, and then she orders Kenzie to get off Patrick's cock so she can take her place. While Patrick fucks India from behind, India eats Kenzie's cunt. The girls cool off while they suck Patrick off, and then India shows Patrick how to please Kenzie's greedy bare cunt by fucking her from behind. They flip Kenzie and put her in the middle while Patrick punches her and India rides her face. Only after both girls get off does India make Patrick squirt all over Kenzie's tits and stomach in a cum shower.

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