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Kiara Lord knows as she gets into the shower that her boyfriend Nikki Nutz is watching. Underneath her robe she has a pair of sheer sexy lingerie that hugs her petite curves. As she takes these off and gets in the shower, her big tits and pretty muff are a temptation Nikki can't resist. When Kiara makes it clear that she wants to take Nikki into the shower, he spends a few moments watching before giving in to her unspoken request. Kiara plays the part and presses her breasts and ass to the glass of the shower to lure Nikki in. When he strips naked and joins his hot girlfriend, Nikki fondles those tits and sucks her hard nipples while keeping her party going with the shower spray. Kiara finally puts down the shower head and puts down the towels so they can lie down on the bed. Once Nikki gets on his back, Kiara is all over him. Her mouth is like a vacuum and she sucks his big cock with total gusto. Her deep throat BJ only ends when Nikki flips her over so he can enjoy the sweet cream of her pussy. Nikki comes in behind Kiara while she's lying on her side and pushes his cock home in a spooning fuck. The position lets him fill his palms with Kiara's magnificent tits, but it's far from the only thing on the menu. Nikki rolls onto his back and lets Kiara climb on top of him for his petite goddess to ride him in reverse cowgirl. When Kiara turns around to give Nikki the cowgirl treatment he has the opportunity to reach up and really worship her bouncing jugs with his big hands. Kiara isn't quite done with Nikki and his cock as she climbs off him. She gets on her hands and knees with her torso low enough that her nipples touch the sheets as she rocks back to meet Nikki, who works his way back into her hungry cunt. He doesn't hold back and gives Kiara the pussy pounding she needs. Kiara takes a short break to slurp her own juices off Nikki's boner. Licking and sucking isn't enough for this horny coed; She also braces her big boobs together to deliver a lusty titty fuck. Kiara falls onto her back and hooks an ankle over Nikki's shoulder, to welcome him one last time. He brings her down and then pulls out so he can squirt her lovely breasts to leave Kiara covered in cum and fully satisfied.

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