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The pretty redhead Lagoon Blaze is enjoying a coffee in the kitchen when her boyfriend Martin Spell appears behind her and tells her without words that he's horny. Martin cups Lagoon's breasts and feels his girl's hard nipples even as she reaches back to pull him in for a kiss. It doesn't take long for Martin Lagoon to take off her shirt and taste the sweetness of her nipples. He leads her to the couch, leans back and lets her take over. Lagoon kisses her way down Martin's body and settles between his thighs. She slides Martin's boner out of his pants and then takes it in her hand so she can suck it properly. Lagoon's blowjob is lustful and sweet, but this redhead is dying to get her pussy stuffed. She takes off her shorts She then turns her back to Martin so he can continue exploring her toned figure with his hands and mouth. Martin gently pushes Lagoon forward and thoroughly examines her pretty bare pussy before sliding his cock inside to Lagoon's delight. When Lagoon comes to her side, Martin spoons after her so they can keep their party going. Lagoon then moves to her back where she lifts her knees to open wide for Martin to dive deep inside. She's not satisfied yet! Instead, Lagoon mounts Martin and rides his fuck stick in big leaps that make her swollen tits shake. Back on her back, Lagoon welcomes Martin in her velvet glove until he's ready to explode. He pulls back at the last moment and stabs all over Lagoon's stomach to leave her cum covered and saturated.

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