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Ariana Marie is lying in bed dressed in a bra, panties and a blindfold, all the same deep blue. Her breath comes in short gasps as Lucas Frost caresses her skin with the petals of a rose, then leans forward to replace the flower with his lips. Lucas removes Ariana's bra and takes the time to tenderly explore each of her tan lined breasts and small hard nipples before turning his attention deeper to Ariana's body. As Logan pulls off Ariana's panties and slides his tongue into her slit, her breath catches in anticipation. Lucas doesn't disappoint and embarks on a trimmed pussy feast that splits its focus between Ariana's clit and cunt. Lucas loops his fingers through Ariana's hands, sucks her fleshy folds into his mouth, applying the perfect amount of pressure with his lips and tongue. When Lucas frees Ariana from her blindfold, she's ripe for sexual need and eager to please. She pushes her boyfriend onto the bed, frees him from his panties and takes his long cock in her hand. Sucking slowly and steadily, she enjoys a lazy blowjob as she gradually works her way up to suck Lucas down her throat as deeply as possible and into her lover's hips to spread him. With Luca's hand as a guide, Ariana slides down his fuck stick and leans forward for a kiss once she's fully impaled. She moves her slim figure in a primal rhythm and moves her hips until she can't stop moaning with pleasure. As Ariana switches places with Lucas and lays on her stomach, she trembles with excitement at his touch on her back and butt as he comes up behind her. Lucas slides into Ariana from behind, delivering long thrusts that touch every inch of his girlfriend's inside out. He pauses to lick and kiss Ariana's bubble butt before getting back to work for her pleasure. Ariana rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs wide to cradle Lucas in the heart of her pleasure, closing her eyes and screaming out her delight as her pussy throbs. Lucas slides low and fast, wrapping a hand around Ariana's thighs to bring her to one final climax. Moments later, he pulls back and aims for the hidden lover's tits, to cover her with the hot proof of his love.

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