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Hime Marie has a crush on her stepbrother, Kyle Mason. She decides to get moving one morning by playing dress up. She starts out in tight fitting shorts and a see-through shirt that doesn't cover her bra, then wakes Kyle up to ask his opinion. Next is a white tube top, no bra and even tighter shorts. Just a bra and the tightest, skimpiest shorts she owns are next. As Hime bends over to show her ass, part of her meaty cunt is clearly visible. Kyle tells her to leave his room, but instead Hime pulls back the covers to reveal Kyle has a boner. Hime playfully jumps on her stepbrother and rubs his cock. To her surprise, Kyle flips her over and takes advantage of the way her shorts slide to the side to slide them inside her. She might have been surprised, but that's exactly what Hime wanted. She's all smiling as Kyle takes a hot step and gives it to her. She loses her shorts and rolls onto her hands and knees so he can deliver some decent pussy pounding. Hime temporarily jumps off the D, opens her mouth, and begins sucking. She licks all her juices off Kyle's hard-on and then climbs on top of him to ride him. Her cowgirl ride has her bouncing up and down while dominating Kyle. He warns her that he's about to let go, which is exactly what Hime wants! She pushes down and keeps Kyle buried inside her so he can fill her with his cum shot. Kyle pushes Hime away and freaks out because his stepsister enjoys her creampie.

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