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248   4 months ago
Adelle and Chriss Tom meet up in Adelle's dorm every morning to work out together. When they're done with fitness, they're all warmed up for a hot fuck fest! Today Chriss pulls Adelle out of her leotard so she can wrap her lips around his cock for a pleasurable blowjob which he follows with a bare pussy feast. Once Chriss has had enough of Adelle's cunt, he lays down so she can spread it, sinking his cock in her tight little cunt! Her small tits bounce and jiggle as she rides her guy, and then even more so when she gets a doggystyle pussy that creams her whole body with ecstasy. After throwing herself on her back while Chriss rams her greedy cunt, Adelle smiles in ecstasy he undresses and shoots his load in her mouth, so that it drips down her chin and chest. Covered in Chriss's sticky love, the satisfied brunette rubs the cum all over her breasts and then licks her fingers clean.

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